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Are you seeking new pathways for growth?

We're a Top eCommerce Marketing Agency

We develop digital customer acquisition and retention strategies for merchants & retailers that integrate PPC, CRO, SEO, social media, customer profiling, affiliate, content marketing, marketing automation, and analytics.

We excel at integrating channels and tactics to work together to enhance our clients’ buyer’s experience and to maximize growth results.

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Our Approach to eCommerce Digital Marketing

1. Laying the Foundation:

Before executing any digital tactics, we first complete a full eCommerce audit with an 80/20 RFM analysis to determine growth opportunities, select a vision and a goal to focus on, and create a comprehensive strategy to support that vision and goal.

2. Grow Traffic:

We use eCommerce SEO, paid, content marketing, and social media tactics to increase your reach to online shoppers and strengthen your competitiveness with other online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

3. Advanced Advertising Tactics:

We use data to up-sell customers on products based on their behavior on your website, the products they put in their cart, and/or their purchase history.

4. Nurture Leads & Customers:

We nurture customers through content marketing, email marketing, and advertising. We analyze your customers' buying process and launch conversion rate optimization campaigns, targeted dynamic product ads on social media and retargeting display ads to optimize your customers' buying process.

5. Build a Loyal Community:

We run campaigns that encourage community building customer engagement across social media channels via product tutorials, giveaways, contests, and other high engagement opportunities.

6. Build Brand Awareness:

Our specialists develop cohesive branding, content, and ads across omni-channel selling platforms of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and your website.

What Others Are Saying

Cliff Morgan, Founder & CEO G FUEL

“As our eCommerce business matured, I quickly realized we needed to do a much better job marketing to our existing customers. I hired digitalJ2 and HubSpot and they crushed it! Over a 9-month period, existing customers sales grew 63%.”

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